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Jens Helweg
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I am a software developer.

My focus is on native app development for iOS with Swift or Objective-C
as well as Android app development with Java and Kotlin.
I am also an experienced developer in the area of Java development for backend REST web-services, web-apps based on JEE/JSF or Spring and client applications with Eclipse-RCP .
Name: Jens Helweg
Email: info (a)
Nationality: German

Latest projects

E-Rezept App
E-Rezept App
The E-Rezept App provides medical prescriptions to your smartphone in two ways. You can simply use the app and scan a medical prescription as a data-matrix-code and replace the paper you normally get from your doctor. This data-matrix-code will include a unique ID that can be used to fill in a prescription at a pharmacy by either showing the data-matrix-code when in a pharmacy or by sending this ID to an online pharmacy.

The other and unique way to revceive medical prescriptions is completely online and only available in this E-Rezept app from Gematik. Using your health insurance ID you doctor may prescripe a medication to you and securely (by using his HBA for encryption) send this to a central, secure online-service.
Using your eGK (elektronische Gesundheitskarte) and NFC you can create a secure connection to the online service and receive your medical prescriptions in the E-Rezept app. With this you can receive subsequent prescriptions without having to (physically) see you docotor every time. Additionally this will provide a lot more data along with the prescription like dosage instructions.

Furthermore you can easily search for pharmacies in the E-Rezept app and request availabilty for each of you medications. You can then choose to order for pickup, order online or find a phamacy that provides a messenger service.
The KBV2GO! iOS App is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad. It contains medical reference books that are relevant for doctors and psychologists in Germany.
This includes the EBM, ICD, Heilmittel and HKR. The reference books are kept in SQLite files and can be downloaded in multiple versions and used offline. They are searchable and linked to one another.

The KBV2GO! App also contains a news area that provides health-related information from KBV. Additionally users can subscribe to push messages for news concerning german health affairs.
Sudor App
Sudor App
The Sudor App is a fitness app that gives you access to workouts from the most sought after trainers across the world. It offers workouts in a variety of categories to match your mood or target a particular body part or simply fit the amount of time you have available.
The videos consist of single movements seamlessly curated to exercises on either time or repetition based videos. Workout directions are spoken by a text-to-voice feature. You can listen to your favorite music on Apple Music or Spotify running in the background managed within the App.
BundesArztsuche App
With the App BundesArztsuche you can search for doctors and psychologists registered with the german KV-System. Also it offers access to the "rota duty / on-call" medical offices that is organized by the german KV-System (german: "Bereitschaftdienstspraxen"), also see One can add doctors as favorites which keeps the data locally and available offline. Appointments can be initiated to be stored in your local calendar and the contact details can easily be stored in the smartphones contact list. The App uses the current location to find doctors nearby but also allows to search for arbitrary locations using Apple or Google Map services.
Results are shown in a map or as a list.

Unfortunately the app has been discontinued in favor of another app so it is not available in the app/play stores anymore.
BundesArztsuche App
Belbo App
Belbo Android Apps
The Belbo GmbH offers (amongst others) calendar and appointment management. With Belbos' software, businesses can offer services online and let clients book appointments autonomously instead of negotiating new appointments on the phone with every client.
To streamline this process Belbo also offers to create individualized Apps for their clients. So end-users can create & manage appointments mobile and inside the individualized app.
BundesArztsuche Backend
The BundesArztsuche Backend is a web-service that provides the data for the iOS and Android BundesArztsuche apps. As well as other services like the, the website, the website, the API Kollegensuche which returns the data in the FHIR XML format and runs only in the KV-SafeNet.

It is a java based application on servlet technology using Spring, Spring MVC, Spring security and more tools from the java ecosystem.
Spring REST
Spring Batch
BundesArztsuche Data Collection
The BundesArztsuche data processing & collecting application is a spring batch program that extracts, collects and creates the database for the BundesArztsuche web-service. It consists of several jobs, broken up in steps that can be combined in any setup to compose the data for doctors database. It includes among other things: JPA, myBATIS, CSV reader/parser, Excel reader/parser and accessing other web-services to do geo-coding of adresses.
eDoku JEE/JSF web application
The eDoku web application is used to do documentation for selected medical therapies with the aim of receiving data to estimate the success of a treatment or to enhance the therapy process. The web app consists mainly of forms to fill in data for the treatment. Thereby validating the data by given criterias.
The application is built using JEE tech-stack. The view is done in JSF and Facelets using prime faces component library. It is connected to the federated identification system SAML that the KV-System is running for Single-Sign-On access to the application. It is also connected to the KV-Connect secure network to send data between doctors and other medical institutions.
Spring Batch
KBV2GO Backend JEE
The KBV2GO! Backend is a REST web-services that provides the data for the KBV2GO! app.
It delivers the sqlite DBs for various medical references/catalogs as well as news-information in form of an RSS feed. Also it connects with Push Notification Service as well as Googles Firebase Messaging Service to deliver push notifications to the KBV2GO App. The application is based on servlet technology using Jersey to provide a REST web-service.
Kodierasisstent Eclipse RCP
The KodierAssistent is an Eclipse Rich Client Application that primarily provides an easy way for providers of medical practice management software to implement medical coding regulations. It has a file based interface to send medical codes and results and let it check for any deficiencies in the coding.
On top, it also had an ICD Browser to lookup ICD codes and also a coding helping system.

It has been discontinued by the KBV.


now - 2020


Since Oct 2020 I am a freelancer in software development.

2020 - 2010

Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

I have been working for KBV as a lead software developer in the role of a 'Senior Referent'.

2010 - 2006

adesso AG

I have been working for adesse AG as a project manager and software developer.

2006 - 2001

Volkswagen AG

5 years as a software developer and project lead for Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.

2001 - 2000

Bertelsmann Media System

>1 year as a software developer on the release team.